Cyber Crime Some Scary Facts

Cybercriminals generate revenues of $1.5 TRILLION annually

The people behind recent cybercrimes no longer fit the stereotypical idea of a kid in a hoodie operating from his mum’s basement, at least not entirely. Today, we are up against organised crime, a professionalised underground industry that pays off big time.

Businesses face attacks as many as 16,856 times per year

A natural person is not the only victim of cybercrime – many companies, usually small to midsized ones, have to face up to increasing data breach or denial of service (DOS) risks. This can answer questions about how many cybercrimes are committed each year. Companies can lose a significant amount of money in lawsuits and permanently damage their clients’ trust

Only 3% of hacking reaches targets via a technical problem, and 97% of hacking crimes is done via social engineering

One of the most important cyber crime statistics and trends today is that hacking is becoming less and less prevalent as a technical problem. Using humans as the weak link is a growing trend, and it’s becoming more and more expensive and difficult to raise awareness of employees worldwide.

So Why Cyber Insurance?

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