Household Insurance – Protect Your Gardening Equipment

Protect Your Gardening Equipment

As we enter the peak of the Spring Season; a time of new beginnings, fresh growth, sustenance and THEFT!

Gardaí have highlighted the rise in theft of gardening equipment, with 20% of thefts particularly in Cavan and Monaghan (source: Anglo-Celt online) including more expensive / higher valued power washers, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, small farming tools and more.  Many were taken from sheds, which may or may not have been locked. Other targeted areas for theft include work sites and unattended vans.

To date, there have so far been approximately 75 incidents in 2017, as reported by Crime Prevention Officer in the Cavan-Monaghan Garda division, Garda Noel Harraghy. This is not taking into account the rest of the nation, so realistically figures would be higher.

The general public are advised to take precautions. You can ID and photograph your property, record serial numbers and ensure that your equipment is not in plain sight.

At ProActive Solutions, we advise you to ensure your belonging are adequately insured. Under your Household Insurance Cover, you can do the following:

  1. Check on security
  2. Check your current insurance cover. Policies normally cover up to a limit of €3-4k for theft provided the garage or shed is locked.
  3. If garden tools not currently detailed in your policy as included in your cover, please speak to your adviser about protecting your gardening equipment also.


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