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For our first information release, we are letting you know about your responsibilities and awareness in the workplace. This is particularly important when it comes to working in Jewellers.

Personal Safety Evaluation Jewellery Insurance


How To Assess Your Current Attitude Towards Your Personal Safety At Work



“I accept  …………… responsibility for my own safety”





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“I am  …………… aware  of the  risks in my environment “

Never Rarely Sometimes Usually Always
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In the workplace there are certain shared responsibilities for personal safety. Your employer has a duty to provide a safe working environment.   If you hold a

supervisory or management position, you too have responsibilities for the safety of your staff and part of this is to ensure that they receive and understand the key learning points from today’s training.


Ultimately however, we are each responsible for our own safety. If an employer has drafted procedures to enhance safety, it is your responsibility to comply with those procedures. If, however you identify a perceived weakness then you must flag it up with you manager.




  • Have a duty to work safely and are empowered to take responsibility
  • Must wherever possible comply with work place precautions
  • Must consider the risk of violence and take all necessary steps to maximise their personal safety by carrying out real time (‘on the spot’) risk assessments
  • Have a right to defend themselves but only using force that is reasonable and when absolutely necessary and as a last resort
  • Have due regard for colleagues
  • Co-operate with management
  • Report all incidents of violence

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