Protect Your House at Halloween

Protect Your House at Halloween


As Halloween is upon us, homes will be more frequently left empty as people spend time out and about preparing for celebrations, getting ready decorations, bonfires and stocking up on sweets for trick-or-treaters and maybe even fireworks (licensing regulations apply to the purchase of these explosives, so check before you purchase!). This means that your home is at risk of burglary.

  1. Check your household insurance policy for risk cover in the event of a break-in/burglary
  2. Lock away any garden tools or ladders so that a burglar cannot use them to break into your house and use a heavy-duty padlock to lock your garden shed
  3. Don’t leave car keys in plain sight i.e. on hall tables, on hooks in the hall, or visible through a window
  4. When you go out shopping or socialising over the Halloween break, ensure it looks like there is someone in your home at all times i.e. consider leaving on a radio, TV or lighting
  5. Develop a safety-check routine ensuring all windows and doors are locked before leaving the house
  6. If there’s a Neighbourhood Watch in your area, inform them of when you will be away or out of the house for a lengthy period of time
  7. If you are leaving your home for an extended period of time, ask a trusted neighbour or friend to check on the house, take in mail etc.
  8. If you are going away for a holiday, ask a friend to mind your car if you are leaving it at the house, or if you are taking your vehicle, consider asking a trusted neighbour if they would mind leaving their own vehicle parked at your house
  9. If you have pets which cannot go on holiday with you, either bring them to animal kennels so they can be cared for in your absence, or ask a family member, friend or neighbour to look after them for you.
  10. Do not announce on social media if you’ll be away for the holidays, as this may be an invitation to any potential intruders




Available for download: ProActive Solutions House Protection at Halloween

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