Protect Your Pet at Halloween

Protect Your Pet at Halloween

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  • Ensure that pets always have identification. Be prepared in case your pet runs away and get your pet micro-chipped and ensure that it is wearing a collar with a name tag. Also ensure to have a license if you are a dog-owner.
  • Keep animals inside a sitting room or bedroom, away from all the noise, for your pet’s safety. Carry on behaving as normal so as not cause further undue stress or anxiety for your pet. Always supervise as they can sneak out an open door quite quickly, especially if the door is opened frequently to trick-or-treaters.
  • Secure caged pets e.g. birds, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs etc. safely in an outbuilding, removed from the proximity of fireworks, thus limiting visibility and reducing noise exposure. Large animals like ponies and horses should be housed securely in a stable or relocated to a different area during fireworks displays.
  • Talk to your vet if your pet is frightened by fireworks as there is an array of treatments and medications that can help to keep a pet calm. Be mindful that some treatments need time to take effect so speak with your vet in advance of celebrations.
  • If a pet has ingested or consumed any poisonous or harmful substances, bring to your vet immediately.



  • Don’t allow pets to wander outdoors in the time period before and during Halloween night as people do light fireworks and bangers earlier than the night of celebrations. Ensure that they have a safe, quiet place indoors where they cannot escape through an open window or door.
  • Don’t leave animals in a room with lit candles or pumpkins. Make sure that lighted candles are kept where they cannot be knocked over by a wagging tail or by a curious cat. Not only could your pet start a fire, but they could severely burn themselves in the process.
  • Don’t dress animals up in costumes as many pets find this distressing.
  • Keep pets away from any decorations and advise children not to share any sweets and chocolate with their pets. These are not good for animals and can make them sick.
  • Don’t take pets trick-or-treating.
  • Don’t let animals near bonfires, sparklers, bangers, candles or other dangerous items.
  • Don’t ignore animals in need. If you see any animal abuse and/or neglect, please report immediately to An Gardaí Síochána or contact your local animal shelter.


Available for download: ProActive Solutions Pet Safety at Halloween


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