Rental Property Claims | Property Owners Insurance

Rental Property Claims | Property Owners Insurance

When it comes to claims in apartments, it can lead to tricky situations. Whose insurance do you claim on; the tenants or the Property Owners Insurance?

Indeed that is only the start of it, who is responsible for what is insured, do the items form part of the buildings (rule of thumb, if you tipped the building upside down, the items wouldn’t fall out!!) or or are they contents? If they are buildings they are insured by the Property Owners Insurance, if it’s the contents by the tenant/apartment owner.

But that’s not all! There could be contractual complications. Each party could be responsible for certain things and be responsible for looking after the maintenance of specified parts of the property which could have an impact on the insurance situation.

Paul Mooney writing in the Times has an excellent article which gives you an idea in a real life situation about the issues which confront you, both as a tenant and a Property Owner. Rental Property Claims

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