Urgent Action Required for Holders of UK Driving Licences

You may be aware of ongoing developments regarding the use of UK or Northern Ireland driving licences in Ireland, post Brexit. Drivers must exchange their UK Licences for Irish Licences.

RSA Advice

The Road Safety Association (RSA) has recently advised that anyone resident in Ireland, who holds a United Kingdom or Northern Ireland driving licence must exchange it for an Irish one before the 31 October 2019, in the event that the United Kingdom leaves the EU without a deal. After this date, anyone living in Ireland possessing a United Kingdom or Northern Ireland licence, may no longer be entitled to drive here.

Action required

There is still time to exchange licences so affected motorists are certain that they are legally entitled to drive on Irish roads after the United Kingdom leaves the EU, but the RSA is urging them to act now.

The RSA has warned that the National Driver Licensing Service (NDLS) may experience large volumes of exchange applications around 31 October. If this happens, motorists who wait until then may face lengthy delays when trying to exchange their licence. But if they make an exchange application now this may be avoided.

For this reason, we recommend that all holders of a United Kingdom or Northern Ireland licence, follow the advice of the RSA and take action now. Full details on how to complete this exchange may be found on the NDLS website, www.ndls.ie. Motorists can also make a booking to attend their NDLS centre there.

We can confirm that holders of United Kingdom or Northern Ireland licences will remain fully covered under existing policies at this moment in time. However, we recommend that motorists follow the above advice and that any of your affected customers contact you in advance of their next renewal with details of their updated licence status.

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