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Protect Your Pet at Halloween

Protect Your Pet at Halloween DO Ensure that pets always have identification. Be prepared in case your pet runs away and get your pet micro-chipped and ensure that it is wearing a collar with a name tag. Also ensure to have a license if you are a dog-owner. Keep animals inside a sitting room or…
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Protect Your House at Halloween

Protect Your House at Halloween As Halloween is upon us, homes will be more frequently left empty as people spend time out and about preparing for celebrations, getting ready decorations, bonfires and stocking up on sweets for trick-or-treaters and maybe even fireworks (licensing regulations apply to the purchase of these explosives, so check before you…
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Employers Liability Insurance | Business Insurance

Employers Liability Insurance | Business Insurance What do we mean by Employers Liability Insurance? Employers Liability Insurance is a form of insurance which pays damages in the event of an accident in the workplace, causing injury to an employee.   When do you need Employers Liability? Unlike many jurisdictions, Employers Liability Insurance is not compulsory.…
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Beat Freezing Conditions

BEAT FREEZING CONDITIONS You can prevent damage that frost causes to your home Keep your home well heated during cold spells Insulate All pipe work The water tank If you’re going to be away from home at any time during the winter; Leave the heating on at a low temperature or alternatively make use of…
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