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Urgent Action Required for Holders of UK Driving Licences

You may be aware of ongoing developments regarding the use of UK or Northern Ireland driving licences in Ireland, post Brexit. Drivers must exchange their UK Licences for Irish Licences. RSA Advice The Road Safety Association (RSA) has recently advised that anyone resident in Ireland, who holds a United Kingdom or Northern Ireland driving licence…
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CCPC Insurance Price Fixing

Waste of Tax Payers Money? Is this the most disgraceful waste of tax payers money? Are the #CCPCIreland by commissioning this report admitting that they do not understand how the insurance market works? For sure, by the time that any government report has been completed, the market cycle will be in a competitive phase again.…
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Cyber Crime Some Scary Facts

Cybercriminals generate revenues of $1.5 TRILLION annually The people behind recent cybercrimes no longer fit the stereotypical idea of a kid in a hoodie operating from his mum’s basement, at least not entirely. Today, we are up against organised crime, a professionalised underground industry that pays off big time. Businesses face attacks as many as 16,856 times…
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Judges Block Legal Reform

Judges Block Legal Reform None of us like the increased premiums that have plagued the country over the last few years. However slow the pace of reform, at least the talk is of reform. But now the legal profession who always make the most from the size of awards and the manipulation of the system,…
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