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CCPC Clarification Concerning Liability Insurance

CCPC Clarification The CCPC were extremely quick to clarify their initial statement. This follows commentary in the press which gave the impression that this was an investigation in to anti-competitive practices. Following our own conversations with the Commission, we are satisfied that this is a study in to the workings of the market place. The…
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CCPC Insurance Price Fixing

Waste of Tax Payers Money? Is this the most disgraceful waste of tax payers money? Are the #CCPCIreland by commissioning this report admitting that they do not understand how the insurance market works? For sure, by the time that any government report has been completed, the market cycle will be in a competitive phase again.…
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Catastrophic Cyber Incident

Catastrophic Cyber Incident Pharmaceutical Giant Merck’s production of medicines and vaccines was halted following a NotPetya attack.  The insured loss is reported to be anywhere between $275m and $2bn. This is by far the largest insured cyber loss. It also demonstrates just how vulnerable businesses are to cyber attack. If you need any advice about…
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