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Urgent Action Required for Holders of UK Driving Licences

You may be aware of ongoing developments regarding the use of UK or Northern Ireland driving licences in Ireland, post Brexit. Drivers must exchange their UK Licences for Irish Licences. RSA Advice The Road Safety Association (RSA) has recently advised that anyone resident in Ireland, who holds a United Kingdom or Northern Ireland driving licence…
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Burglary Warning to Homeowners

AA have issued a burglary warning to Homeowners.  According to statistics gleaned from insurance provider’s books, at just under half the annual rates, approximately 42% of home insurance claims relating to burglary in both 2016 and 2017 occurred predominantly during the Winter months, starting as early as October. Burglaries are usually quite calculated, so take…
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Interview with LMFM

You may have heard the recent news headline about a Publican who received an extortionate insurance quote, following 2 claims pending against him. Brian Kelly has reached out to us, and we are delighted to be currently working with him with the aim of securing a more affordable, reasonable figure to secure insurance protection. Deirdre…
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Travelling Abroad? Check your Passport expiry date!

Travelling Abroad? Is your Passport valid? Is your passport still in date, or about to expire? As an adult in Ireland, you can now renew your passport online. To avail of this new system, you must be aged 18 and over and not changing your name. You should note that if you are a first-time…
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