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Farm Insurance

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Farm Insurance needs special knowledge  and in house, we have a Farm Insurance Expert. From a farming background and with varied experiences of working in the Agri-sector we have an in-depth understanding of your farm insurance needs.

Farm Property and Agricultural Vehicles have special insurance requirements. Cover for Fire, storm and other specified events on buildings, farm machinery and equipment, bulk milk storage tanks and agricultural produce for:

  • Farmers
  • Co-Ops
  • Agri-Providers
  • Market Gardeners
  • Marts

and associated Agri-businesses.

Our Farm Insurance Broker will meet with you, talk through your farming business and then select the right policy to match your needs. A dedicated account executive will be available to you right through the insurance period to assist with claims and any changes you wish to make to your policy. We will be delighted to visit you on your farm or any business.

Farm Property and Agricultural Vehicles

There is a lot of Property on a farm. So it is important not to forget to include any of it. Remember not just buildings and machinery but all mobile property, such as trailers and tools. It is also VERY important to remember to include any new farm buildings under the policy.

Farm Home

Household Cover for farm houses. Farm Insurance gives cover equivalent to a normal household Policy.

Farm Liability and Personal Accident

This covers you for Liability to the Public. It can also cover employees. To protect you in the event that you have an accident, you can purchase Personal Accident cover to protect your dependants.

Business Interruption

Should you have an accident, our Farm Insurance Policy will get you back on your feet. But it will also make sure that your finances are not affected. A Business Interruption Policy will provide indemnity against your ongoing costs and expenses.


Starting with basic cover for Fire, Electrocution, Storm and Flood, cover can be extended in all sorts of scenarios. It could be individually, in the case of rare breeds against injury or disease, injury while travelling or other.

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Whatever your needs ProActive Solutions are your ideal partners. ProActive Solutions can arrange Farm Insurance for all types of Agri-businesses. So, for a ProActive Solutions Farm Insurance Quote, call us on 041 685 8400 or just Request a Quote.


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