Insurance Fraud | Business Insurance

Insurance Fraud | Business Insurance

Insurance Ireland who represent most Business Insurance and Personal Lines Insurance companies  in Ireland say that insurance fraud costs an estimated €200,000,000 per year which is paid by honest policy holders.

There are plenty of examples of fraudulent claims;

The injured party told the court that he was standing at a table outside his van, peeling potatoes. He alleged that as a car approached him, the driver lost control on a slippery surface, and knocked both the table and the unfortunate man over, and he fell on his knife sustaining a perforating injury to his abdomen. The driver also supported his account.We thought that this was a suspicious case, and fought it. We got access to the injured man’s hospital notes and records. We then discovered that at the time of the alleged accident, he had been admitted to hospital and that he told the A&E doctors, who recorded it on his records, that he was stabbed in a fight.

It has been a rollercoaster with the court system, with many inconsistencies which have made it difficult for insurers to defend seemingly spurious claims. For full details of the article by Gavin Campbell in the Irish Times, follow this link.

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