What to Wear at the Ploughing | Farm Insurance

What to Wear at the Ploughing | Farm Insurance

We don’t need to tell you how changeable (we are being polite!!) the weather cab be so we have tried to put together a short guide of the best clothing to wear to the National Ploughing Championships. We all know what it feels like to be soaked when we leave clothes at home so remember;

  • to bring your rain jacket on the kitchen table
  • have a pair of dry socks to change in to at the end of the day.


Wear two pairs of socks to protect your feet with all the walking you will be doing around the 800 acre site.

Or even better a good pair of hiking boots will give you a more comfortable alternative to wellies.


  • The most obvious is the rain jacket, but remember if it does not rain you will be holding it all day, so take a light one.
  • Umbrellas, only bring a small one. Thewalkways will be packed and people don’t like to have to avoid big golf umbrellas.
  • Don’t just have a change of clothes, take a towel to dry yourself off before your journey home.
  • A few plastic bags where you can put your wet clothes and dirty wellies will keep the car clean.
  • Keeping warm. The best way is to wear multiple layers. Remember you will be constantly on the move so best to leave the heavy jumpers and fleeces behind.

……..and Finally

When looking at the exhibits you will come loads of freebies. So either bring a backpack and/or a coat with lots of big pockets.


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