CARA National Inclusion Awards Leisure and Activity

CARA National Inclusion Awards Leisure and Activity

Clare clubs, organisations and schools making a difference and increasing opportunities for people with disabilities in Sport and Physical Activity are being urged to consider applying for the National Inclusion Awards 2016.

The awards recognise organisations and individuals who support people with disabilities in sport and physical activity.

CARA Managing Director Cara Doherty  thinks it is very important to acknowledge people working behind the scenes.

“There are so many people in so many settings making a concerted effort to include people with disabilities in sport and physical activity that it is only right that CARA rewards and highlights the great work that is being done. We are especially happy to include a category for third level colleges for the first time this year”.

The awards are supported by the Department of Justice and Equality. The awards are run by the CARA National Adapted Physical Activity Centre which based at IT Tralee.

To qualify for an award you can be an individual or an organisation big or small as long as you promote the inclusion and participation of people with disabilities in physical activity.

The award categories include:
1. Local Sports Club
2. National Governing Body
3. Local Sports Partnership
4. Primary Schools PE & Physical Activity
5. Secondary Schools PE & Physical Activity
6. Third Level Physical Activity & Sport
7. Adventure Provider
8. Leisure/Fitness Centre

 To apply visit the National Inclusion Award page. It’s quick just completing a simple online form with information about what your organisation is currently doing.

Closing date for applications is 22nd July 2016.

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