Nordic walking | Leisure Insurance

Nordic Walking | Leisure Insurance

The new craze across Europe, Nordic walking is a great leisure and physical activity for both athletes and non-athletes.

All you need is a good pair of trainers and good weather. Nordic make your walking a little more interesting. All the rage in Europe, Nordic walking is catching on here.

Nordic walking is a fitness walking activity with specially designed poles, which differ from other trekking poles because they are attached using a glove-like strap that provides the movement needed to gain forward propulsion.

Nordic Walking U.K. director, Gill Stewart, says the poles make a significant difference as they turn every step into a whole body workout which is similar to being on a cross trainer.
“Correctly used they will provide forward propulsion and make you feel lighter on your feet, this helps people to walk faster and further than usual and feel energised rather than exhausted.”

Nordic walking works 90 per cent of the major muscles, improving mobility and activity levels. It helps weight loss as it increases calorie burning by 20 – 40 per cent more than just walking and helps build lean tissue. The poles reduce strain on lower body joints, making it perfect Arthritis sufferers or those with joint conditions.

However, there is a health warning. You should get training before you start to us the poles as incorrect use can cause injury. about four hours training is sufficient to get you started in this Leisure pursuit.

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