Side Effects of Over Exercise | Leisure Insurance

Side Effects of Over Exercise | Leisure Insurance

My wife is always telling me to take it easy. now we have scientific proof to back up her findings!

‘Blowing off steam’ with hard exercise can triple the risk of a heart attack within the hour, according to new research claims.

Anger and being upset can double the possibility of a heart attack within an hour, while heavy physical exertion does the same. This has been discovered during a worldwide global study. But both at the same time to try and calm down increases the risk even further.

12,461 patients from 52 countries took part in the trial. They had an average age of 58. By completing a questionnaire about the type of ‘trigger’ they experienced during the hour before a heart attack; 13 per cent had taken part in physical activity and a further 14 per cent were angry or emotionally upset.

The study was published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation.

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