Sport and Leisure Degree Announced Leisure and Sport Insurance

Sport and Leisure Degree Announced Leisure and Sport Insurance

A new Sport and Leisure Degree has been Announced at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT) and Galway GAA are starting a new  relationship to provide s Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Sport and Exercise Science, and the also new academic programmes and research.

The agreement begins later this year, and will be based in Lár Ionad, Galway GAA’s Centre of Excellence at Loughgeorge. This provides state-of-the-art training facilities and  GMIT will provide learning technologies and scientific equipment. GMIT will provide Sports Science services to Galway GAA as part of the agreement.

The new four year full-time, honours science degree in Sport and Exercise Science is the first course of its kind in the West of Ireland. Its aim is to prepare graduates for work in the sports performance and health-related exercise science.

Students will be taught the application of scientific principles to understand sport and exercise performance, health and well-being. Students will also be prepared for work in the health sector, to manage or prevent chronic diseases through training and physical activity.

For full details on the programme, visit:  or contact Dr Lisa Ryan, Head of the GMIT Department of Natural Sciences, tel. 091 742556, email

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