Longford County Council gets Tough over Derelict Sites | Property Owners Insurance

Longford County Council gets Tough over Derelict Sites | Property Owners Insurance

Longford County Council is going to issue 30 derelict site orders in September to property owners where the properties have fallen into disrepair.

About half of the orders will make property owners remedy dangerous buildings or clean up abandoned sites.

Under the terms of the Derelict Sites Act 1990 local authorities can make these orders and impose compulsory purchase orders (CPOs) where owners don’t comply with these orders.

The government last year introduced new legislation enabling local authorities to impose an annual levy of 3% of the site value if it remains undeveloped. Fine Gael’s Peggy Nolan advised council bosses to continue that approach, who comments;

“There’s nothing more that brings down the spirit of a residents association than vacant houses. It’s a huge, huge job and a huge body of work needs to be done in order to raise the profile of the county.”

For full report see Longford Leader.

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