Student Accommodation Shortage | Property Owners Insurance

Student Accommodation Shortage | Property Owners Insurance

Third-level colleges are appealing to homeowners to rent out rooms to students to help tackle an acute shortage of accommodation.

College authorities say a “return to student digs” is the fastest way of tackling an estimated shortage of about 25,000 beds.

The reasons for the shortages are;

  • The housing crisis causing increased competition for private rented accommodation.
  • The end of 10-year tax incentives for purpose-built student accommodation. Some property owners have stopped renting apartment blocks to students.

Many colleges student's accommodation are already full and there are shortages of private rented accommodation. These are most severe in major cities such as Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick.

Students’ unions in Trinity College Dublin and UCD have launched a joint campaign to promote student digs, in conjunction with accommodation website

“The student population is growing and colleges can’t keep pace,” said UCD students’ union president Conor Viscardi.

“Digs are one way of getting accommodation quickly in a congested rental market which tends to favour young professionals.”

“The student population is growing and colleges can’t keep pace,” said UCD students’ union president Conor Viscardi.

"Some homeowners may be apprehensive at the thought of letting to students, but he said the type of students who opt for digs make for good tenants. They’re happier in a home setting than they would be in the typical student bedsit,” he said.

Rent a Room Schemes

The scheme allows homeowners to earn up to €12,000 tax-free.

The shortage of accommodation is severe in NUI Galway where 170 homeowners met the college to promote the “rent-a-room” scheme. The university says all its 2,500 rooms in student accommodation are booked up, with waiting list.

Rental fees are usually charged inclusive of utility bills and range between €70 and €110 per week depending on the facilities and services offered to the student,” she said.

“It would be important to provide a private bedroom with an area to study.

“Students would require access to cooking facilities. However if meals are included, an additional charge is usually arranged with the student.”

Figures compiled by the Higher Education Authority indicate there is a shortage of about 25,000 beds for students.

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