Flooding and Storm

With ‘Raging Rachel’ sweeping her way towards and across Ireland at a speed up to 150km per hour, and Red Alert issued by Met Eireann  it is important to be prepared for potentially dangerous conditions.



Here are our top tips to prepare for Flooding and Storm

  • Check your insurance documents to see what cover you have for your property in the event of storm and flooding damage.
  • Pack together some basic items in the event of an emergency ie. money, phone, first aid kit, torch, snacks and drinks, blankets or other warm clothing
  • Have sandbags in stock in the event of flooding
  • Stay away from coastal areas which have high waters and strong winds
  • In the home, prevent pipes from freezing by leaving taps on to drip slightly
  • Keep updated on current weather conditions
  • Ensure your mobile phone is fully charged
  • Stay in contact with family and/or friends
  • Prepare for lengthy periods of time without power. If you have children, try to keep entertainment and games ready.
  • Be careful of roofing; tiles may be blown off and can cause damage
  • Take care if driving. Strong winds can cause you to lose control and possibly cause collison with other drivers.
  • Take care to avoid fallen trees in areas which have been struck by strong winds



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