Leading Innovative Brokers of Misconduct Insurance

Leading Innovative Brokers  of Misconduct Insurance


Certificate of excellence


ProActive Solutions Insurance Brokers are the proud owners of a new exciting “Certificate of Excellence” achievement. We have broken new territory in the insurance industry for being proactively open-minded to new risks and claims against ALL April Fool’s related pranks.. We are the only Insurance Brokers in Ireland who will happily receive submissions pertaining to the latter, and once received by us prior to 12 noon on the 1st April of every year, we wholeheartedly and solmenly swear not to laugh (too loudly) at your unfortunate incidents.

So if your cat jumps on the hot tin roof, the dish runs away with the spoon or you are genuinely hen-pecked, we are your local, supportive Broker, who will endeavour to keep your confidentiality and not share on all our professional, engaging social media sites


Thank you for your continued support and custom, from all of us at ProActive Solutions Insurance Brokers 🙂

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