All About Contents | Business Insurance

All About Contents | Business Insurance

When we are thinking about insuring Contents, we also need to consider whether we are the owners of the property or tenants and what are our responsibilities? It is worth spending some time thinking about what belongs to you and perhaps for what you have become responsible because you have signed a contract/lease.


What do we mean by Contents?

They either belong to you or you are legally responsible for them.


How are they shown in a Policy?

The Contents are in the Buildings at the Premises, shown in the Policy Schedule. Cover is sometimes also extended while temporarily removed; for instance while being cleaned.


What is a Policy Description of Contents?

All Policies differ and ‘Contents’ in its normal sense covers a lot of things. An insurance Policy has special Covers for certain types of Contents so for example you must remember that it doesn’t include:

  • Landlords’ fixtures and fittings;
  • Stock
  • Valuables


So what is included?

The list is endless, but Contents can include:

  • Contents of common partscontents_229324888
  • Furniture, furnishings
  • Fitted carpets
  • Domestic appliances
  • Documents
  • Manuscripts
  • Plans
  • Machinery, plant, business
  • Computer systems
  • Designs and business books but only for the value of the materials as stationery together with the cost of clerical labour expended in writing up and not for the value to the Insured of the information contained therein
  • Patterns, models and moulds, for an amount not exceeding €7,500 in respect of any one Insured Event
  • Computer systems records but only for the value of the materials together with the cost of clerical labour and
  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Utensils and all other contents which is the property of the Insured or held by them in trust at the Premises
  • Tenants’ improvements alterations and decorations

… and extras

Policies have various extra covers included. However beware of limitations and restrictions!

  • Contents in outbuildings, extensions, annexes and gangways, BUT cover may be limited. For instance theft or malicious damage may not be covered.
  • Contents in open yards, BUT cover may be limited. For instance theft or malicious damage may not be covered.
  • Sometimes a small amount of money. Usually very small limits. Under Business Insurance Policies, there are separate Money Sections.


Points to Note

Insurers are interested in some of the details of your property and the main items are;

Theft is a major issue when it comes to anything moveable. So insurers want to be sure that you use your protections.

There are two points to note:

  1. Pretty much all Insurance Policies have the following Condition; “excluding theft other than theft involving entry to or exit from the Premises by forcible and violent means or attempt thereat.” What does this mean? Unless you lock your doors and windows and any other means of entry, and somebody can get in without breaking in; then you are not covered. Simple as that!
  2. Individual Policies will have different Conditions about types of alarms, locks and using them. Our advice is to make sure you have made yourself aware of them.


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