Logging Your Valuables – House Insurance

Logging Your Valuables – House Insurance

Voluntary Association Munitir Na Tire based in Cork, has come up with the idea of producing a log for details of valuable possessions. This will help Gardaí in the event of a theft. The association said the project,  would assist gardaí in reuniting households with stolen property, if recovered during an investigation.

Cork County Joint Policing Committee (JPC) is in agreement with the scheme and is encouraging its use.

The booklets will be available shortly through community organisations at €5 each county wide.

Diarmuid Cronin, Munitir na Tire’s community alert officer, said

householders will be able to write down the make, model, and serial number of valuable possessions and also list any particular security marking they have put on them.People often go into Garda stations to report, say a stolen chainsaw, but they hardly have any details of it.


Ccommunity groups can make a small amount of money on each book and a percentage of will be used to print more.

The log book will also help Gardaí to link the criminal in possession of a stolen item with the crime.

In turn this will hopefully eventually lead to “a measurable decrease in thefts”.

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