Tips for Looking after Your Home When on Holiday | Home Insurance

Tips for Looking after Your Home When on Holiday | Home Insurance

Holidays are always a good time to be a burglar, which means we need to be more vigilant.

Burglars work on the assumption that a house will be unoccupied during summer breaks or long weekends.

They look out for curtains not being drawn in the mornings or wheelie bins left outside the premises.

So what can you do?

Social Media. Don’t post about going away or while you are away. Do that when you get back.

Outside Security Lighting is helpful, but think carefully when installing, so as not to leave shadowy areas for burglars to hide.

Use timer switches to turn on lights and other appliances to create the impression that someone is at home.

Let a relative or friend know that you are going away and if possible ask them to remove post and keep an eye on the Property.

Leave a car in the drive way if possible.

Cut the grass.

Like the above, anything that makes the house look lived in will deter burglars.

Some Obvious Advice!

It may come as some surprise but I am going to say

  • lock your doors and windows as one in every five burglaries is simply a walk in via an unlocked door or climbed though an open window.
  • Keep keys safely. Hundreds of sets of car keys are fished through letterboxes or open windows.
  • Make you sure you turn on your alarm if you have one at night or when the property is unoccupied.


For more information, you can go to “Home Security Checklist Challenge” on to find out how safe your home is.

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